Youth Education

Classes starting September 17, 2017

Sunday School at Community of Joy is changing with the times! Starting in the fall, Sunday School will happen during the church service. 'What about Children's Message, Communion and their blessing?' you ask. Don't worry, that stays the same!

Our COJ kiddos (kindergarten and up) will start the services in the sanctuary with their family. After the Children's Message they will join Meghan Lyman in the fellowship hall or meeting room for a lesson that follows the readings of the day and Pastor's sermon, then they will return to the sanctuary for Communion and the Sending.

If you have any questions or comments, call or text Meghan Lyman, 505-489-1992 , or email


VBS 2017

Vacation Bible School 2016

The children had a great time with the Rainbow Lutheran Trail Camp staff that led the Vacation Bible School in July. Take a peek at the gallery and the delight on the children's and volunteers' faces!